Aspire Swim Challenge

September 9 2021

what's happening?

The Aspire Swim Challenge starts from Monday 27 September!
This challenge runs for a period of 12 weeks and the aim is to swim the length of the English Channel (22 miles). Can you complete the challenge?

Checkout our swim times

Who are Aspire?

Aspire are a charity who ensures that everyone with a spinal cord injury has the opportunity to live an independent and fulfilled life. They receive no statutory funding, so every penny raised through the Aspire Channel Swim helps their vital work. Customer funding is so important.
Swimmers will ask for sponsorship with funding going to the Aspire Charity so they can continue their amazing work.
Visit the Aspire website for customer sponsor forms and use the challenge calculator to find out how many lengths of the pool you’ll need to swim to complete the challenge.
Sign up now via the Aspire website!