are you in sixth form or nptc..? take a look at our fantastic membership options

February 6 2020

This amazing membership is for all NPTC or sixth form students and includes swimming, gym and fitness classes

Our fully qualified gym instructors will work with you to start your fitness journey with a full orientation, where you will receive instruction on our gym equipment and advice.

All of the exercise classes are included in this membership so you will be able to vary your exercise regime and try out the wide range of exercise classes. From Vibe Cycle and Vibe Power through to Aqua Aerobics class we have a class to satisfy every mood and ability.

And finally....swimming is a must to add to your fitness routine. This all round exercise works wonders and would be the perfect finish to a hard workout.

If you are interested please complete the form below and a member of our team will contact you. Alternatively contact us on 01686 412871.