Hayley's New Fitness Journey

April 5 2019

Hayley's Fitness journey



Follow Hayley's journey here at Llanidloes sports centre.

Hayley entered our Free PT's sessions competition with trainer Marc George earlier in March 19...BY ACCIDENT!!!

Having completed 4 sessions with Marc, Hayley's whole attitude to fitness is now changing.

From being "absolutely terrified" to an "I belong there as much as anyone" attitude is empowering this ladies journey.

We are happy to announce that Hayley will be blogging her journey with us at Llanidloes Sports Centre

14th March - First session! 
I cancelled yesterday. It was a bad excuse too.
I thought about cancelling today but dutifully went, an awesome opportunity too good to pass up really...someone said

Absolutely terrified, of embarrassing myself, I didn’t. Of being the only fatty in the gym, I was. Of falling off something, breaking something, generally being a complete clumsy muppet, none of those either. Marc was lovely, no pressure, no stupid unattainable goals, no judgement on how I looked, how I live, how I work and eat and don’t exercise.

We went through the basics planning for the next four weeks, ‘an intro’, he said, ‘half a session really...’ 4 mins on the rower was the warm up, my legs near gave way as I stood up, stretches, I thought my arm my snap off at the shoulder. bit of cardio, I could only get the stepper/armer thing to go backwards, bit of a walk on a gentle incline...

I needed a drink and could feel my moustache sweating by now, the sort of sweating reserved for dying quietly after another run in private...

An intro to the weights...I clearly have one arm stronger than the other...Warm down, did you know there’s a machine that takes you through a spinning class? What a time to be alive!!! 
I’m a bit red by now, my hair is fuzzy and damp and I’m regretting putting mascara on this morning but, surprisingly, not regretting my life choices as I thought might be the case
Thank you Marc, I really enjoyed tonight, looking forward to the next session although not so much to the critique of my food diary

28th March
Aw I felt disheartened tonight.
I’ve never found it easy and I don’t think I ever will but I get so frustrated wanting to be better now!!
I didn’t even want to do it and now I just want to do it better.

Boxing tonight outside, even a bit of (dodgy!) skipping.
Marc really listened to what I enjoy, what I hate and has tailored every session to me, my wants and ultimate outcome.

Inside for some weights, legs wobbled and the sweat dripped.
Went through free weights too, core exercises, all things I can do at home.

I want to be stronger.
I want to be better.
But I can honestly say I couldn’t have given any more tonight.
And that’s all anyone can ask.

This week I’m to try eat breakfast!!
Apparently tea and fags isn’t conducive to a healthy lifestyle.
Who knew?!


4th March

All came to a head tonight.

My dodgy knee gave up during a photoshoot on Tuesady, queue an emergency doctors appointment, painkillers and scheduled an x-rau to finally see whats going onin there, my whole job is kneeling, I'm not sure what to do if it gets worse..

So PT tonight was met with some trepidation but as usual Marc kept it simple, spinning, weights, stretches and a bit of boxing.

A cruel twist by my body and my left elbow decides it has the strength od a cocktail stick and I felt I'd failed again only to end on a high by taking it out on the pads.

When I thought I couldn't do 8 reps Marc convinced me I could.

This experience isn't going to turn me into a supermodel. It's not going to make me run marathons. It's not going to make me stop eating cake and chocolate and chips and sandwiches.

It is making me stop and think, about what I put in my body and at what times of the day.

What it is doing is giving me confidence!

It's making me feel that when I can't, I actually CAN.

That when I don't want to, I DO

It's making my whole attitude to fitness change.

I was scared and now I'm not.

I belong there as much as anyone


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