sports hall and interactive room at littlehampton swimming & sports centre

At Littlehampton Swimming & Sports Centre we offer a range of sporting activities... whether you prefer badminton, basketball, volleyball or table tennis, you can do it all at your local centre!

Sports dome

Our Sports Dome has now been demolished to make way for our new Littlehampton Leisure Centre which opens in 2019.

The new leisure centre will boast a new 4-court sports hall.

contact us for more information or call 01903 725451

interactive room 

This unique facility includes a light wall, light floor and dance mats. The wall and floor units provide a new dimension in interactive audio and visual effects. Made up of LED lit pressure sensitive tiles which, during game play, are able to detect the location and force of participants or objects to create a realistic gaming experience. Ideal for both children and adults and is particularly good for those with special needs and learning difficulties. The room can be hired by the hour.