ted pollard

At 76 years old, Ted Pollard is considered as one of the fittest in the UK!

January 11 2018

Ted Pollard made the national news recently and posted a video online showing his workouts.

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ted pollard - fittest in the uk at 76?

Ted Pollard is a regular user of our gym at Littlehampton Swimming & Sports Centre.

Ted competed against Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Mr Universe competition back in 1967.

A resident from Worthing, Ted believes he is fitter than the movie star today at the age of 76.  He can still do the splits and works out several times a week at Littlehampton Swimming & Sports Centre.

Ted even appeared on the Generation Game in 1980 and on Britain's Got Talent when he was 66 years old performing the nunchaku, which he is still excellent at today.

Why not join Ted in becoming a gym user today at Littlehampton Swimming & Sports Centre?  He challenges you to become fitter than him! 

Check out a video of Ted Pollard working out: Click Here