squat hold challenge

How long can you stay in the Squat Hold with this new challenge this month at Littlehampton Swimming & Sports Centre?

January 8 2019

Come and give our Squat Hold Challenge a go in our gym at Littlehampton Swimming & Sports Centre today!

the squat hold challenge

We challenge you!!  Come and try our squat hold challenge!

Here are the rules:

  • You must perform a squat hold against the wall for the longest time possible
  • You have as many attempts as you like
  • All attempts must be witnessed by a staff member
  • The longest duration held for each age category will receive a prize

Luke, Excel Personal Trainer, gave it a go, and he managed 4.23 minutes.  The question is: CAN YOU BEAT HIM?

The age categories are: 11-15, 16-40, 40-60, and 60+

Come and give the challenge a go!  Speak to a member of the fitness team today to start your challenge!  Good luck!