sport relief at littlehampton

We are getting involved in this year's Sport Relief at Littlehampton Swimming & Sports Centre!

February 22 2018

Join us and the rest of the UK as we raise funds for the Sport Relief 2018 campaign.

contact us for more information or call 01903 725451

sport relief 2018 at littlehampton


We need your help to raise as much money as possible for Sport Relief 2018!!

Additional 30-minute classes have been added for Sport Relief on Monday 19th March:

9.00am - Step Class

9.30am - Body Conditioning

10.00am - Beginners Aerobics

6.45pm - Body Conditioning

This year, we will be raising money by:

  • Holding a Cake Sale at Reception
  • Stepping Challenge
  • Fitness Class Donations
  • Sweepstake - available at Reception

Donations can be made via Reception or through our donation page by CLICKING HERE