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See your questions answered for the movements this April

January 6 2017

More information about the movements of fitness classes and activities to the TLA and the Windmill Entertainment Centre...

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Relocated classes FAQ

How can I book?

Bookings can be made at Littlehampton Swimming and Sports centre through reception, by telephone and by online booking.

We recommend booking at least 30 minutes in advance to avoid disappointment upon arrival of the classes.

Do I still have to come to LSSC before my class to get my receipts?

Customers will be able to collect receipts for classes 14 days in advance to avoid the need to keep returning to the centre. Please give your receipt to your instructor on the day of the class.

Online bookings will be able to show a confirmation email, either printed or on a device. This will remove the need to come down to the centre before a class.

What if too many people turn up for the class?

All members that have booked in advance will be allowed to participate in the class. We strongly recommend booking to avoid disappointment.

We are not able to exceed our class limit, so those who have not booked run the risk of being turned away.

We will be taking registers for each class to monitor who has booked and who has not. Please ensure that upon arrival, you sign in.

Can I pay at the venue?

We cannot accept any payments at any other venue. Pay as you go customers will need to pay in advance through reception or use our online booking system. Classes are included in the direct debit/annual memberships.

Will we be able to buy 12 for 10 cards?

12 for 10 cards will not be available for these classes. These only apply to sports courses and we apologise for any confusion this may have caused.

Can we buy weights from the centre?

We will be loaning our remaining dumbbells out to customers who wish to take them to classes at TLA, but we will not be selling them. On Friday the 31st of March, we will aim to loan out as many dumbbells as possible. This will work on a first come first serve basis, as we have a limited amount that we are able to loan. If you are interested in loaning a pair, they will be available from 9:30am on Friday until 5pm on Saturday evening.

There will be no payments involved in our loans, but they will be subject to our terms and conditions. We will require a signed copy of these conditions before taking the weights.

The classes at the Windmill Entertainment Centre will be provided with dumbbells.

Where do we park?

TLA – Please use the hill road entrance to the school. You can then use the car park by the tennis courts.

Windmill Entertainment Centre – We are able to use the car park outside the windmill free of charge after 6pm. All of our current classes at this venue are due to start after 6pm.