new protein goods

Be sure to try some of the new Nutramino protein products at Littlehampton!

July 7 2017

Our fitness shakes and chocolate bars will keep you going all day!

contact us for more information or call 01903 725451

Nutramino Products now available:

Be sure to head to the Littlehampton Swimming & Sports Centre and try our new range of protein shakes and chocolate bars.

Products available in our new Nutramino Machines include:

  • Heat Shakes - Mojito, Cucumba & Lime, Mulberry, Orange & Low Calorie Energy
  • Lean Shakes - Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel & Cappuccino
  • Protein Water - Berry & Tropical
  • Smoothies - Passion & Peach & Raspberry
  • XL Shakes - Reduced Sugar Choc, Reduced Sugar Straw, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Banana, Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry 

 Be sure to try these as your healthy alternative to a packet of crisps, regular chocolate bar or juice drink.