Personal Training

Are you looking to transform your time in the gym? Need to maximise effort/results? Want to kick start your fitness journey?

Personal Trainers are experts in delivering results, and far quicker than going it alone. They motivate, coach, educate and understand how exercise works, enabling them to help and guide you every step of the way through to achieving your desired results.

Are you lacking motivation or want to get more from your workout?

It can at times be difficult to self-motivate, and the drawback is you may not push yourself as hard if you’re not feeling up to it.

Personal training is a way to take a targeted approach to reaching your goals. A trainer can help you to focus on the things you need.

What to expect from a PT session

We understand that everybody is different and as such we aim to challenge your individual exercise boundaries. At times the sessions may feel quite challenging but by using their experience the trainers are able to make more efficient use of the time spent during exercise therefore making it more effective and speeding up clients results. Most exercise sessions will last between 45 minutes to one hour and can involve a variety of training methods and pieces of equipment.

There is no typical workout. The content of the session is driven by you, the client. If your goal is to gain more confidence in the gym, lose weight or learn how to use free weights then we will be more gym based.

We may also look at your lifestyle as a whole, and give you strategies for getting more activity into your working day or improving posture and mobility if that is what you need.

Jacob Baylis – JB Fitness & Photography

Results driven personal trainer, with knowledge from evidence based research in training and nutrition to get my clients an all-round healthy lifestyle

Please contact him direct for information prices and booking of sessions

Telephone: 07380819091