sports clubs at king alfred leisure centre

At King Alfred Leisure Centre we have a number of established clubs...

Shiverers Swim Club

Email - or for learn to swim groups email - 


Dolphin Disabled Swimming Club

Call Chris Pollard on 01273 208112 or Tony 01273 479366


Marlin Disabled Swimming Club

Call 01273 419286 or 01273 278595, or email


Wudang Style of T'ai Chi Chuan

The Wudang Style of T'ai Chi Chuan has several components including the slow, flowing, Hand Forms that most people think of when they think of T'ai Chi. We practice these on Thursday evenings 8-9pm throughout the year but also do some essential Pushing Hands – the more aerobic one or two person exercises. Adult beginners of any age and fitness are always welcome.

However, there is so much more in the full system: self-defence, traditional weapon forms and techniques, internal strength and other conditioning exercises. All of which make it a practical and very effective martial art – provided you put in the hours! We practise the 'full' system on Thursday evenings from 9-10pm.

Contact Tim Jones 07914388290, email: or visit the website.

Back to Badminton

A fun coached session working with children and adults to help individuals learn from scratch or improve there badminton skills. Sessions focus on rules, tactics and techniques and how to keep the game fair. The coach is enthusiastic and interested in each individuals strengths and weaknesses. Game play is mainly in doubles and mixed doubles depending on numbers but there will always be someone to play with.

Little Kickers 

At Little Kickers the focus is very much on fun - informal yet professionally run training classes giving  boys & girls (18mths – 7yrs), a helping hand to stand on their own two feet. Our real goal is to use football as a fun forum to instil our growing squad with a little extra confidence, co-ordination, control and sense of camaraderie! Classes run on a Monday morning.  Why not give us a call to arrange a free trial on 01293 226201 or email us at