swimming lessons at k2 crawley

Here at K2 we follow the Swim England - Learn to Swim Pathway. This means your child will be following a nationally recognised syllabus and awards system produced by swimming’s governing body.

The world renowned 'Learn to Swim' programme is used in over 1,000 swimming programmes in the UK and internationally and has already taught millions of children to swim. It continues to be by far the most successful grass-roots programme in British sport.

The Swim England - Learn to Swim Pathway incorporates the following frameworks:

• Swim England Foundation Framework
• Swim England Learn to Swim Framework Stages 1-7
• Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework Stages 8 to 10
• Swim England Adult Swimming

lesson structure

The Learn to Swim programme maintains a focus on 'teaching the correct aquatic skills' to help the children develop the skills they need to become competent swimmers. Children are guided from the Swim England Discovery Duckling awards to get babies started, and the Swim England Duckling Awards for pre school children to progress through to the 'Learn to Swim' programme, where they are taught more advanced techniques.


The Swim England Awards support the Swim England Learn To Swim Pathway. Covering all stages of the syllabus, the colour-coded badges and certificates have been designed to reward and encourage children to learn the core skills of each individual award stage, as well as ensuring that they have fun in aquatic sport.


instructors & supervision

All instructors are Level 2 Swim England qualified with experience and fully trained to deliver the Swim England swimming lessons. All the instructors are DBS checked. Instructors will give feedback via the swimming coordinator on your child’s development as well as their progress through the awards system.

enquire about lessons:


What age can children start learning to swim?
Children can start to gain confidence in the water and get used to the swimming pool environment from as young as 3 months.

How do I find out about lesson availability?
Once you have completed out enquiry form, our swim course coordinator will be in touch and find the right level of class for your child. Lessons run 7 days of the week and we will help you to find a convenient time for you.

How do I pay for the lessons?
At K2 our lessons are run for 50 weeks of the year, There are 2 payment options; monthly via a direct debit, or a one of payment for the 50 weeks at the start of the new Swim Academy year (April to April).

Do I need to get in the water with my child?
An adult is required to be in the water with their child in the Adult & Baby and the 18/36 months swimming lessons. The instructor will also be present in the water.

In the pre school lessons (3 & 4yrs) the child has their lesson with the instructor present in the water (no adult required in the swimming pool). Once the child moves into the 'Swim Academy' (full time school age) the child will be taught in the water with the instructor on the poolside.

Do you do adult lessons?
Yes we do as follows:

Mondays lunchtimes - Beginners.

Monday evenings - Beginners, Improvers & Advanced.

Tuesday lunchtimes - Beginners & Improvers.

Thursday evenings - Beginners.