Zoe's Fitness Journey

March 5 2018

As we continue to celebrate our most loyal members, we would like to share the fitness journey of Zoe Cain. Take a read of Zoe's story here.

Zoe has been a member at K2 Crawley for 5 years, on and off due to medical reasons. Zoe uses a range of facilities at K2 including the gym, swimming pool and attending regular pilates classes.

Zoe was born with cerebral palsy, mild spina bifida, hydrocephalous and three eye sight conditions meaning she is visually impaired and has had 16 brain operations! But despite these medical conditions, she hasn’t lost her motivation to keep going and we are sure you will agree after reading this, that she is a real inspiration to many.

Zoe has a very impressive back ground in swimming, starting when she was just 8 years old. After lots of training and hard work over the years, Zoe started to compete more regularly from 17 years of age, going to her first Cerebral Palsy National Competition where she won a Gold and two Bronze medals! Zoe has continued to medal at most National Championships since.

Zoe is competing in the August 2018 Cerebral Palsy World Games in San Caught, Spain. She is competing in four events: 50 metres, 100 metres and 400 metres freestyle, and 100 metres breaststroke. Zoe's ultimate goal is to compete in the Paralympics, which we hope we can say we played a part in helping Zoe achieve.  

The type of training Zoe has been undertaking in the gym is low resistance exercises on the hand bike and rower. Zoe continues to do pilates and swim on a regular basis but recently has had an injury set back so is taking a lighter approach to her training until fully diagnosed.

Zoe has quoted: 'Coming to K2 Crawley has really helped me become more independent, kept my strength up and socially, it’s also been great getting to know other members and staff. I’d like to thank all the staff for the care and support they having shown me throughout my training sessions at the centre.'

On behalf of all the staff at K2 Crawley, we wish Zoe the best of luck at the World Games in August, and thank her for her loyalty to the centre. Zoe is real inspiration for many of us, and we all continue to support her on her journey to hopefully reach the Paralympics! Keep up the good work, Zoe!

Owen Callaghan, Fitness Manager