Tony's Old Boys

July 16 2018

We would like to honour a group of our most committed, loyal and longstanding members, Tony's Old Boys!

In this month’s case study, we aren't just honouring one member, but a whole group!

‘Tony’s Old Boys’ consist of Steven Hazelden, Mike Harnood and Terry Shouler, all of whom have been members since K2 Crawley opened 11 years ago. Before K2 Crawley was built, they were also members at the old Crawley Leisure Centre where Tony’s Old Boys joined 36 years ago, in 1982! The name of this group came from a gentleman named Tony, who was in charge of the old Crawley Leisure Centre Gym and it’s stuck ever since! 

The original members of Tony’s Old Boys are Terry Shouler, Mike Harnood, Steven Hazelden, Dave Brice (Active Life co-ordinator), Don Thompson (who’s now sadly passed away but you will notice the Olympic bar in our free weights area in his memory), Jimmy Keleher, Bill Paton and Charlie Jones.

The group altogether rack up a combined age of over 500 years and have been regular gym users since joining the old Crawley Leisure Centre in 1982.

Tony’s old boys have become part of the furniture at K2 Crawley and have been fantastic members, helping to create a community feel, welcoming environment and have always been polite, friendly, approachable and respectful to staff and other members.

It’s been a great environment to train in over the years and I have enjoyed watching the gym evolve. I must say this last refurbishment has been the best to date!

Terry Shouler

Terry also quoted: ‘We have a great relationship as a group of friends, but also with the others members and staff. Having a good environment to have a workout and such close friends training with you on a daily basis has helped keep us motivated whilst bring enjoyment to our workouts.'

Mike Harwood quoted: ‘Dave Brice (active life co-ordinator at K2 Crawley) used to lead weight lifting competitions each week which could get competitive and brought the whole group together. The facilities we get for the price of our membership is fantastic, I would also like to make a special mention to fitness instructor, Alex Jackson, who has always been on hand to help out when we needed it!'

The group have always been into weight training and have varied routines built up over the years. They mainly use a split routine, working different muscles groups on different days. This is the type of training in which they enjoy and have got the best results from. The group have benefited from always having a spotter on hand for when lifting heavier weights.

Tony’s Old Boys have been great for the K2 Crawley gym and have really helped create a friendly, welcoming environment to have a workout. This in turn has helped create a community feel and we would like to thank them for they loyalty over the years and hope they remain as members for many years to come!

Owen Callaghan, Fitness Manager

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