Active Life Referral Scheme

May 4 2017

Active Life Exercise Referral Scheme

At K2 Crawley under the Active Life Exercise Referral Scheme we can offer individuals a personalised exercise programme for any medical conditions they may have.  

Read our customer testimonial below from Neil McCabe who joined the scheme after a bilateral lung transplant in September 2015  (Neil is pictured on the right with Dave Brice, K2 Crawley Active Life Co-ordinator on the left).

The Active Life scheme is a 12 week programme of independent exercise in our gym. Participants are expected to commit themselves to attending TWICE per week. The attendance times are 10 am to 12 noon Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and 7 pm to 9 pm Tuesday and Thursday.  Participants have the flexibility of exercising at any of these times and do not have to attend at the same times each week. Once participants have had a gym induction they just attend and perform their exercise programme between the stated times.

There is a cost to Active Life which is either £3.40 per session or £65 for the whole programme (saving of £16.60). If participants can confirm their entitlement to certain concessions .i.e. Job Seekers, ESA, Income Support or Pension Credit Guarantee, they will not have to pay.

If you wish to take part in the scheme, please ask a medical professional to submit a Referral Form to Dave Brice, Active Life Coordinator, K2 Crawley.  Tel: 01293 585333 or e-mail:

Customer Testimonial from Neil McCabe

"Hi my name is Neil McCabe.  In 2012 I entered the London to Paris Bike Ride.  On completion of this, I didn't feel as well as when I started.  On my return and over the next 7-8 months I started to deteriorate, whereby my breathing became extremely laboured.

I consulted my Doctor who referred me to the Brompton Hospital for tests in January 2014 whereby I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis of the lungs.  During this period I was then referred to Papworth Hospital in Cambridge whilst my condition was deteriorating rapidly, requiring oxygen constantly and in a wheelchair as I was unable to stand, walk or climb stairs.

It was at this point (January 2015) I was accepted to go on the Transplant Programme at Papworth Hospital. Fortunately for me I received a Bilateral Lung Transplant in May 2015; I spent all Summer in Papworth and was discharged in September 2015, which is when my rehabilitation really started.  

I joined K2 Crawley as an 'Active Life' member in November 2015.  It was during this period that the gym and all its facilities improved my condition and quality of life, to the point I am now a full member and I continue to improve.

At this point I must thank all the staff in the gym at K2 Crawley for their help, support and guidance with my ongoing recovery".

Neil McCabe (age 64) 







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