NEW gym equipment coming soon!

January 18 2018

we're taking delivery of some brand new, state of the art, gym equipment. take a look at a few pieces that are coming your way...

introducing the Technogym SKILLMILL™ to K2 Crawley

The Technogym SKILLMILL™ is the most in demand piece of gym equipment at the moment, and with good reason! This free running treadmill has a curved belt which is designed to help reduce pressure on the joints, as well as helping you burn more calories! As this treadmill is powered solely by the user, the knock on effect means you will burn 30% more calories than a standard treadmill! 

The dual handlebar allows to you assume different postitions on the belt (high and low), which means the workout possibilities on this piece of equipment are endless! Whether your goals are speed, power, agility or stamina, the Technogym SKILLMILL™ will help you acheive them!

The Technogym Excite® Climb

Excite® Climb will forever change the nature of stair climbing, making it easy for first-timers and challenging for advanced users. This piece of kit will boost your muscle activation for maximum calorie burn and muscle tone, for the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves enabling one to sculpt and lean out the lower part of the body all at once! 

Because exercising on the Excite® Climb involves both cardio performance and resistance movement, stair climbing combines two workouts into one, reducing the amount of time spent exercising which we like!

The Technogym Kinesis® Range

Experience Intuitive Functional Movement. Kinesis combines the benefits of functional training with the simplicity of more traditional strength equipment, allowing users to naturally progress from basic to advanced movement patterns. Thanks to the countless combinations of movements possible, its innovative attractive design and natural, intuitive user approach, users can experience superior training - free and without limitations – with Kinesis.

The full range will include:

Kinesis High Pull, Kinesis Low Pull, Kinesis Core, Kinesis Press, Kinesis Step Squat & Kinesis Overhead Press.

K2 Crawley will be the only gym in the area to have all 6 kinesis stations!

These are just a few examples of the new pieces of kit we are getting, to help aid our customers in getting the best out of their workout!

Owen Callaghan, Fitness Manager

as well as the new equipment, we have a brand new spin studio on the horizon!

Group Cycle Connect Classes from Technogym

With the new Group Cycle from TechnoGym you can measure your power, track your performance data in real time, and analyse your results to date, as you pedal your way to greater heights.

Group Cycle rides burst with fun, entertainment and motivation. Inspirational videos and music set the mood and the beat, while our trainer and you come together as a community to push each other in a crescendo of rhythm and emotion until you reach the finish line. 

This studio is certainly going to be one of the best in the area - with the TechnoGym Group Cycle offering one of very few examples away from boutique studios in London!

Myride Group Virtual


K2 Crawley is proud to be at the forefront in the latest development of Indoor Cycling with Myride Group Virtual. Immersive on-screen coached workouts deliver great results. Ride to world-class instruction and great music. Imagine cycling the world without leaving the studio! It’s the most powerful way to experience indoor cycling ever, with real footage of some of the world’s most inspirational rides.

Myride Virtual offers Instructor apps to enhance live indoor cycling classes and customers can benefit from a huge range of virtual classes which include Myride World Tour, Myride Fast and Myride Coach among many others.

Myride Virtual classes will run alongside our Indoor Group Cycling classes throughout the day, allowing you to fit your workout around your lifestyle.

With the new Group Cycle from TechnoGym, Myride Virtual and our new Group Indoor Cycling classes, there’s never been a better time to ride!  

See our Myride Group Virtual Cycle page for more information.