Leon's Fitness Journey

November 21 2017

We would like to celebrate one of our most loyal members, Leon Maccoon, by sharing his inspiring fitness journey. 

 Leon Maccoon has been a member of K2 Crawley for 11 years. Leon transferred from the old Crawley Leisure Centre and to date, has had five hip replacements! Leon’s last replacement was in October 2010, followed by three major back surgeries, with the most recent being in June 2017.

The last operation in June this year, left Leon bed bound for four months and unable to do any physical activity. But with his amazing ‘never give up’ attitude, and his incredible self belief and motivation, he was determined to get back in the gym as soon as possible! With the help and assistance of the fitness team, and many other members of staff at K2 Crawley, we managed to make that happen!

Here is Leon’s story in his own words on his journey back to the gym…

‘After my operation, I was bed bound for four months, and on heavy medication. I was not in the best frame of mind, but one member of the gym team, Alex Jackson, encouraged me to come back to K2. He made several phone calls and texts until I made my return!


Alex deserves a special mention, as he helped me come up from the car park to the gym every time I came to use the centre. He took a lead role, but all of the fitness staff have taken me through the appropriate exercises to help with my musculoskeletal problems. I must state I have felt exceptionally safe in the hands of the fitness team, with regards to the programme they have provided for me.


On my first day back, I was truly overwhelmed with the wonderful reception I received from every member of staff at K2 Crawley. I have an excellent bond with all of the team.


It’s not only the gym staff that are great, as it’s all the staff in the centre. I‘ve built up a great relationship from the cafe staff, to the cleaners, to the receptionists - everyone has helped me with my recovery.


Six weeks on since I made my return to the gym, I feel like a different person. My appetite has returned, my energy levels have risen and I am off my medication. I come to train at least 4 or 5 times a week now, and my workouts include a range of different mobility exercises, power plate moves, and lots and lots of stretching! The stretch cage has been a vital piece of equipment in my recovery.


I feel that the physical support I get from the members of staff in the gym is what brought me back to being at full of zest again! I must also thank all the other gym users who I am well acquainted with. I feel loved by the members and staff of K2.


I would like to finally mention that K2 offers excellent facilities and support for the young, middle aged and older generation, but in particular, the users that require additional help and support.’

All the staff at K2 Crawley would like to thank Leon for his continued loyalty to us as a centre. Myself and my team take great joy in seeing such a transformation and look forward to helping you continue your fitness journey, and achieving your next set of fitness goals!

Owen Callaghan, Fitness Manager

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