August's member of the month.

August 26 2020


Jason has been a member of the Hudson for a number of years now and since returning from lockdown he has been to the gym almost every day. During the months that we had to close, Jason started running and has managed to lose a very impressive 2 stone.

Jason is now concentrating more on resistance training to tone up and shape his body. He has a training partner in the gym now which is really working out well for both of them as they push and motivate each other. The two of them concentrate on one or two muscle groups per session to really get the most out their workout.

the next step in Jason’s fitness journey is going to be taking part in a spin class and who knows he might get the bug and try out a few of our other fabulous classes.

Jason has always trained hard in the gym and now seems to have found the right combination that works for him and is never afraid to ask for advice.

Well done Jason!