February's member of the month

March 4 2020

Leann has been a member here at The Hudson Leisure Centre now for over TWELVE years and attends the gym 3 to 4 times every week. She often used the gym while her children were at swimming club. Leann`s son and daughter now both use the gym and her husband uses the pool. Sunday is the Warrens family day at the Hudson and they all enjoy a swim together.

The original reason that Leann joined the gym was to lose her baby weight and she managed to lose 3 stone. Her motivation for coming now is the fact that it makes her feel better, gives her more energy and helps to keep her fit and healthy.

Leann also attends body balance classes here and uses this class as a way to unwind from the rigors of the day.

When asked what her favourite piece of gym equipment is, she had 2 favourites “the treadmill and the Lateral Trainer”.

Leann has regular reviews and program changes and is always happy to try new things.

Well done!