Power lifting classes at Helenswood

January 16 2020
contact us for more information or call 01424 755515

Learn how to power lift safely and efficiently

We are introducing powerlifting seminars for anyone who would like to learn to lift but is worried about causing injury through poor technique and for experienced lifters who want to further their technique and efficiency.

All our PT's have experience in powerlifting and have attended tutorials on the subject. Two PT's have also competed within the sport through South East powerlifting.

The 3 week blocks will commence from March and be made up of 4-6 people so everyone can feel confident about their technique. The focus will be on 3 main lifts, bench press, squat and deadlifts.

For more information or to book on, please contact us at reception.

First 3 week block commencing Sunday 15th March 11am-12pm

Just £10 per person available to members and non members