post and pre natal care and advice available at Helenswood

January 23 2017

Since having my baby, I cherish my gym time as it allows me an hour to myself. Plus it's working wonders on my jelly belly!!


let us support you pre and post natal

There is strong evidence to suggest that safe and well managed exercise in the pre & post natal period is highly beneficial to both mother and baby.

Some of our gym instructors hold specialist fitness qualifications in this area and are on hand to advise and support you as part of your free continued programme review.

Exercising while pregnant can help you manage your weight gain efficiently, it can make labor and delivery easier and has shown to help lower the gestational diabetes risk by as much as 27%.

Exercising after birth increases your energy levels, it gives you some time to focus on yourself as a person again and not just a mother. It can help reduce the likelihood of suffering from post natal depression more commonly know as the 'baby blues' and of course improves muscle tone, circulation, digestion and sleep patterns.

If you would like additional information or to book an appointment with one of our instructors, please contact us below.