Body Conditioning

August 28 2019
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Have you tried Body Conditioning with Molly yet?

We have over 20 studio classes a week at Helenswood, all included in our Premier membership and available to non members to book on the day. Our classes include an excellent range of strength/toning, cardio/calorie burning and mind body training.

If you are interested in trying a class then there's no better place to start than Body Conditioning with Molly every Monday evening 5.45-6.30pm. This class provides a full body workout using either the water filled sticks or barbells to incorporate upper body strength lifts while also working the legs, bum and tum. The class is suitable for all abilities as all routines have varying levels of difficulty and you can choose the amount of weight you work out with.

Join Molly every Monday evening and try out a Body Contioning class for yourself.