It's not too late to get that summer body!

Sign up to our 6 week BetterBody programme to increase your overall fitness, decrease body fat and improve your physique!

June 10 2019

6 weeks to achieve the body you want!

What is Better Body?

A 6 week programme to increase overall fitness, improve body composition, decrease body fat and increase lean muscle tissue. This is delivered by group personal training and individual plans.

What is included?

A personal trainer will guide you through a 6 week schedule that has been designed specifically for your physical fitness and physique goals. Includes: Nutritional advice, body measurements, weight tracking, exercise instruction, a written exercise programme and a 6 week inclusive gym & group exercise membership!

A prize is awarded to the biggest loser during the programme!

All this for just £40 for members and £60 for non-members (includes gym & group exercise membership)

This programme starts 26th June!

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