walking football at hassocks

December 12 2016

Walking Football at Hassocks Sports Centre

What is it? 

Walking football is different to regular association football and is largely aimed at over 50's, both men and women and is a slow paced game.

It has very specifc rulesthat outlaw all running and allows no contact between players. Over-head height restrictions and indirect freekicks ensure that the sport is played safely with full consideration to the participants' age. It is suitable for all levels, so come along and give this a go. A nice, fun way to keep up to an active lifestyle.

When: Every Tuesday 

Time: 8pm-9pm

Cost: Members £4.00 a session/ Non Member £5.00 a session. 

For more information about the game visit https://thewfa.co.uk/

We verymuch look forward to hear from anyone that wants to get involved so please contact Reception to pass your interest on, or email Hassocksenquiries@freedom-leisure.co.uk.