class taster sessions & new Les Mills releases!

January 13 2022

it's time to try something new!...

les mills Body Pump at Hailsham Leisure Centre

Looking to find a new class to add to your routine or never tried classes before & want to see what they're all about? Come along to  Hailsham Leisure Centre on Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 January and try our 30 minute taster classes! 

Saturday 22 January

Body Pump 8:30am-9:00am with Annalee

Body Balance 9:15am - 9:45am with Annalee

Body Combat 10:00am - 10:30 with Kelly 

Sunday 23 January 

Body Combat 8:30-9:00 with Kelly M 

Body Pump 9:15-9:45 with Kelly W 

Body Balance 11:00-11:30 with Max 

FREE to members, or non-members pay;

1 x 30min taster class - £3.50
2 x 30min taster classes - £6
3 x 30min taster classes - £8

new Les Mills releases...

Les Mills at Hailsham Leisure Centre

Join us for a week of NEW Les Mills releases and team teaches from 24th - 30th January. Sessions running;

Monday 24th January-

Body Balance 8:30-9:25- Jane 

RPM 9:30-10:15- Max

Sh’bam 9:30-10:25- Rachel 

Body Pump 10:30-11:25- Jane/ Annalee 

Body Combat 18:00-18:55- Jane/ Kelly M 

RPM 18:00-18:45- Max

Body Balance 19:00-19:55- Jane/ Annalee 

Body Pump 19:00-19:55- Max/ Kelly W 

Tuesday 25th January

RPM 9:30-10:15- Max

Body Pump 10:30-11:25- Max/ Annalee 

Body Combat 10:30-11:25- Kelly M 

Body Balance 11:30-12:25- Kelly M/ Annalee 

Body Pump 18:00-18:55- Jane 

Body Balance 19:00-19:55- Jane/ Kelly M 

Les Mills at Hailsham Leisure Centre

Wednesday 26th January

RPM 9:30-10:15- Max

Body Balance 10:30-11:25- Max/ Jane 

Sh’bam 10:30-11:25- Rachel 

Body Pump 18:00-19:00- Jane/ Kelly W 

Sh’bam 18:00-18:55- Rachel 

Body Combat 19:00-19:55- Kelly W/ Kelly M 

Thursday 27th January

Body Balance 9:30-10:25- Jane 

Body Pump 10:30-11:25- Jane 

Body Pump 18:00-18:55- Annalee 

RPM 18:00-18:45- Max

Body Combat 18:00-18:55- Kelly M/ Kelly W 

Friday 28th January

Body Balance 8:30-9:25- Jane 

Body Pump 9:30-10:25- Jane/ Kelly W 

Body Combat 10:30-11:25- Jane/ Kelly W 

Les Mills at Hailsham Leisure Centre

Saturday 29th January

RPM 8:15-9:00- Max

Body Pump 9:15-10:10- Max/ Annalee 

Body Balance 10:15-11:10- Max/ Annalee 

Sunday 30th January

RPM 9:00-9:45- Max

Body Combat 9:00-9:55- Kelly M/ Kelly W 

Body Pump 10:00-10:55- Max/ Kelly W 

Body Balance 10:00-10:55 Kelly M