great news - drop in gym sessions are now back

great news - drop in gym sessions are now back

August 6 2020

great news - drop in gym sessions are now back

I'm thrilled how clean and safe the gym is, well done team!


I'm very pleased at how clean and safe the gym is everyone has worked really hard


this gym is cleaner than my house! (said in front of the wife!)


We have made significant changes to the layout of the gym. This has enabled us to provide our members with a safe, structured area in which to exercise. It has reduced the need for movement around the gym reducing contact with other members.

The gym has been zoned into four areas, cardio, resistance, functional and health. In doing this we have reduced the need to move between equipment and provided social distancing that exceeds industry requirement.

We have created an area for resistance training, incorporating free weights and resistance machnes. In the cardio area we have 23 machines including treadmills, bikes, rowers and three variations of cross trainer. 

In the centre of the gym we have created a large matted area for functional training. Each member using this area has a 3m x 3m space in which they can train. 

The fourth area is our health/rehab area where our GP Referral scheme members will now find their equipment is now conviently located in one area. 

We have recieved extremely positive feedback from members that have already returned. People are enjoying the extra space we have created, and a clean, safe environment in which to exercise.

 Lots of cleaning stations and sanitisation available, plus our team have enhanced cleaning schedules.


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