GP Referral is back!

GP referral has restarted at Hailsham Leisure Centre

December 7 2020

GP referral available

We are delighted to announce that GP Referral has restarted at Hailsham Leisure Centre. GP referral is aimed at people that have received a referral from their doctor or physiotherapist and is designed to assist clients in achieving their health goals and to help them become a confident, independent exerciser. Our qualified exercise referral instructors look forward to welcoming back previous clients and meeting new clients to the program.

Regular exercise can help manage and improve many long term health conditions, it is important though, that the exercise programme is appropriate for your condition and of course that it is something you enjoy! Whether you prefer exercising in the pool, gym or in a group class, our instructors will be able to advise what activities will suit your needs.



Current health conditions we can support are as follows:

Osteoarthritis / Rheumatoid Arthritis


Asthma (controlled)

Type 2 diabetes (controlled)

Hypertension (controlled)


Diagnosed Mental health condition (including stress, anxiety, depression)

How is it working under Covid restrictions?


 - Equipment centred around one area of the gym.
- Social Distancing in place between equipment and gym users
- cleaning of equipment before and after use.
- Hand Sanitiser before and after entering
- Referral practitioner masks up during initial consultation client does not need to.
- gym regularly cleaned throughout the day