Cancer Rehabilitation class

September 22 2021

Cancer Rehabilitation

Our Cancer Rehabilitation class is returning and open to previous attendees as well as new participants this is a specific exercise classes led by a specialist cancer trained instructor. Benefits include: Group support, increased stamina, strength, flexibility and well-being, increased confidence. Classes take place in a fun, sociable environment with a range of activities available. Tea and Coffee is included after the class, so you can have a sit down and catch up.


Commencing Monday October 11th 1:30pm-2:30pm 

Please Note: If you are new to our health referral program including this class we will require a GP referral form to be completed by your health practitioner and you will need to attend a Health Assessment with our Cancer Specialist (£20) before commencing the class

If you previously attended our Cancer Rehabilitation class pre-lockdown you will only need to complete an new Health Commitment Statement.