starts 14th January - your 6 week better body challenge!

October 29 2018

6 week better body challenge - starts 14th January

including 3 structured sessions a week as well as weekly topics including weight loss and nutritional tips to get you more from your workouts and your time at Hailsham.

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Your 6 week programme is designed to boost your metabolism, blast fat, and reshape your muscles from head to toe in just 6 weeks!

This is not all about weight training! These sessions are designed to help you get fitter, stronger and leaner using a series of exercises using equipment and your own bodyweight.  We're looking to provide the ultimate workout, including motivational technques, reviews before and after your sessions, food diaries and the all important weights and measurements so we can see the results and achievements you've made.

At the start of the programme the personal trainers will guide you through a nutrition seminar, giving you all the tools to sustain a healthy diet.

Each week for six weeks, you’ll do three body-transforming routines to reveal your leanest, hottest most confident you, with the personal trainers on hand throughout the programme.

Our team will also guide you through your nutrition and make sustainable changes, so you will feel as wonderful as you look!

Your 6 week better body challenge starts 14th Jan 2019.  All this for just £120!

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when I signed up for the Better Body Challenge I had never stepped into a gym. I didn't think I would like it because I spend much of my time indoors already. I felt self conscious, believed people would be staring at me for not "fitting in" and laughing at me. However, being part of a small group with a coach showing you what to do and correcting your positioning during the workshops has really helped build my confidence. I could see my shape changing and felt so much better for doing something about my weight, and having a new focus in my life....


.......I have lost just under a stone in weight, I am definitely more toned and my confidence has improved. I actually can do things I never thought I could - it has made me believe in myself again.


......After losing Mum I did not know where to go, what to do, I could not look at me in the mirror, I felt so bad about myself. I took the opportunity after one of the instructors recommended it to me. The first week was difficult, I had lots of aches, the second week I didn't have so many. After 6 weeks the result is positive, I made a few friends, I am able to do much more, I lost 5 kilos and a few centimeters.

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