New Hall Curtain - Gwyn Evans

January 22 2017

We at Gwyn Evans Leisure & Activity Centre are happy to announce that we have a NEW divider curtain in the main hall. I think we can all agree it’s a big improvement over the old one!

Do you remember what it was like before?

The curtain was split in two places and had burn marks over a large portion of the fabric.

The tears pulled the curtain together meaning that it wasn't quite long enough to completely block the hall off. 

It had full length fabric that would make the hall seem dark when the curtain was closed.

Worst of all the weight of all that fabric meant that the runners got stuck often.

And now...

The new curtain cover's the full width of the hall. The upper half is netting, making the hall seem lighter and more airy whilst still maintaining privacy between bookings, The curtain is much lighter and less likely to get stuck.

The new curtain is a very big improvement over the old one. It makes the hall a much more inviting place to play

Badminton player

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