Gym Refurbishment 2017

April 28 2017

The ribbon is cut! 19th June 2017

It's official! 

The refurbishment is complete, the ribbon is cut and we are open for buisness! Come and see what we have to offer in our all new facillities! 

Refurbishment update 15th June 2017

Old straps looking a bit past their best
Looking much better

Just one final touch to finish off our all new fitness suite! The Total Abdominal machine has had it's new straps fitted. We're all ready to cut the ribbon tomorrow and officially open the new gym!

Llinos Walker

Refurbishment update 12th June 2017

More exciting times here at Freedom Leisure Gwyn Evans! The additional weight for the cable machine has arrived! This is a much more practical weight selection and will suit more of our members. The addition of our weights tree really finishes the look for our Free Weight Zone!

Llinos Walker

Refurbishment update 28th May 2017

Still to come!!

The Gym opened on time 9:00 27th May 2017 because we just couldn't wait to show you what we'd done with the place. However it's not finished!

  • We are waiting on delivery of new covers for our resistance machines. These will replace the broken plastic ones.
  • We are also waiting on delivery of new starps for our total abdominal.
  • The aditional weight will be added to the cable machine to increase it to 65Kg.

Refurbishment update 26th May 2017

Another big day with lots of finishing touches to complete! We've trimmed the bottoms off the doors to make sure they close smoothly over the new flooring. We're installing cable tidies on the bikes. We're also dismantling all of the old equipment to clean the inside. The new AED has been installed, paper dispensers will be replaced on the wall.

Llinos Walker

Refurbishment update 25th May 2017

The new equipment is here. It's so exciting to see the new kit go in at last! The upholsterers are here too re-covering some seats and pads on our resistance equipment. It's really taking shape now.

Llinos Walker

Refurbishment update 24th May 2017

Big big day today! One more coat of paint (The Gym is so much lighter and brighter with the new colour scheme)... The electrician is here to install the new power supplies for the bikes AAAAAND.... The free weights flooring is going down! Looking good!

Llinos Walker

Refurbishment update 23rd May 2017

Today was painting and decorating day and what a transformation in just one day! The paint will need another coat tomorrow and it will be electrical time!

Llinos Walker

Refurbishment update 22nd May 2017

Today the old CV equipment was removed in the morning. The rest of the day was spent cleaning the gym floor. It was a real team effort with all staff getting their hands dirty. This had to be completed today ready for painting tomorrow!

Llinos Walker

Refurbishment update 28th April 2017

Built in 2010 and opened by The Worshipful Mayor of Wrexham, the gym at Gwyn Evans has been a popular addition to the leisure centre. No Gym is perfect for everybody and we have taken your comments on board about our shortcomings. With this in mind we have an all new Gym plan to unveil and we are very excited about it. 

What will we do?

  • We will replace all of the Treadmills, Varios and Bikes (including the hand bike) with new ones. The new equipment will be placed in a better position in the Gym to allow for easier accessibillity and create a feeling of space. New electrical points will be added to accommodate the new machines.
  • The resistance training equipment will be serviced and old/ broken parts replaced. The cable machine will have additional weights to make it suitable for our stronger members. 
  • Broken/ damaged functional equipment will be replaced with new.
  • The free weights area will be extended and an Olympic Half Rack added; complete with bar and weight plates.
  • New flooring will give a fresh new look to the Gym.
  • The whole area will be redecorated.


I am very excited about the Gym refurbishment. We as a centre have worked tirelessly over the past months to create a gym that we are proud of and sure that you will love. The new equipment is an asset to the building and the new layout aims to be not only more accessible but more functional with a wider range of equipment to suit a wider range of people.

Barry Baldam - Centre Manager

The new gym will be amazing with over £60,000 of brand new Technogym kit. The Gym is in three zones:

Cardio Endurance - this is equipped with the Excite range, which is the most comprehensive cardio equipment in the world. The layout has been completely remodelled to create a feeling of space and group similar machines together.

Resistance - this is equipped with the Selection range. It is the highest quality resistance training equipment and is so easy to use. The Cable machine now has 65Kg weight, which is more than double it's current offering, making it more useful to more of our clients.

Free weight/ floor - the free weight area is equipped with Technogym dumbbells ranging from 1Kg - 34Kg. The addition of our Olympic Half Rack and associated bar & plates make it a more functional area. The Floor space has been increased to allow for stretching and floor exercises. 

Additional - Medicine balls, resistance bands, ankle weights, steps and balance ball complete the set-up allowing for a wider range of floor exercises and functional training.


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