paddling pools and slides update

April 26 2019

We’re delighted to announce that on the 27th April the Lido opened again for the 2019 Summer season, however, it is with huge regret that the paddling pools and slides will not open at the same time.

Maintenance work during the winter highlighted a problem with the slide jets and the filtration process for the slides and paddling pools. We have worked with some of the industry’s top water filtration specialists and Guildford Borough Council to undertake significant investigation work on the potential options to resolve the issue. Unfortunately the investigation concluded that the existing system is beyond repair and will require to be replaced.

Guildford Lido | outdoor swimming pool

We thank customers for their patience and in the meantime hope that they enjoy the pool, and hopefully a little more sunshine too!

Dave Greenwood, Guildford Lido

We are hoping to open the slides and paddling pool in time for the summer school holidays but at this stage are unable to confirm the exact date. In the meantime young swimmers and their families would be welcome just up the road at Guildford Spectrum’s leisure pool or of course visit the paddling pool at Stoke Park.