At Freedom Leisure Milton Keynes we are passionate about teaching children from four years as well as adults, how to swim.

lesson structure

The world renowned 'Learn to Swim' programme is used in over 1,000 swimming programmes in the UK and internationally and has already taught millions of children to swim. It continues to be by far the most successful grass-roots programme in British sport.

The Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway incorporates the following Frameworks:

•  Foundation Framework 
•  Learn to Swim Framework Stages 1-7 
•  Aquatic Skills Framework Stages 8 to 10
•  Adult Swimming

It is our policy to ensure that all our lessons are enjoyable, interesting and above all aim for the highest standards of water confidence, water skills and swimming techniques.

The majority of lessons are conducted over short distances allowing each pupil to develop a good level of stroke technique while building swimming stamina.  Freedom Leisure Swimming Teachers follow continuous assessment which means swimmers progress at their own pace and move class once the assessment criteria has been achieved. Please check at the centre to ensure the required stage is available.

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