New Sports Hall Floor Completed

July 5 2018

Here at the Flash Leisure Centre we are delighted to announce that we have secured investment for the complete replacement of the sports hall floor. This forms part of Freedom Leisure’s guarantee in partnership with Powys County Council to continuously improve our services. The work is due to take place from 23rd July - 5th August, with a minimum disruption to the services we offer. This new flooring will provide the Flash with a state of the art facility perfect for local clubs, events, national competitions and many other activities.

Having looked at various options for a completely new sports surface that would fulfil all of the important criteria such as be multi-use floor and durable, we chose a seamless Polyurethane 7 + 2 system in 2 colours which complies with the EN 14904 standard for sports floors. This brand new state of the art flooring will come alongside brand new lines, fixtures and points that meet all of the regulations from the various sporting associations such as Welsh Badminton and Welsh Netball.

The work will be carried out by Rec-Coatings Ltd who have already done an amazing job at the Brecon site (shown below). Their plan is to uplift the current flooring surface, to reveal the sub floor before screeding this area. Once this area is prepared, the new polyurethane floor will be installed and line marked. The new lines that will be installed are badminton, netball, basketball, volleyball and tennis, in colours to suit Welsh Badminton and Welsh Netball. Finally, they will install sockets for the game posts, the floor will be core-drilled before the installation of Continental Sports Badminton World Federation approved sockets along with fixings for tennis and volleyball. The project is set to take two weeks planned for 23rd July - 5th August.

This will provide us with a state of the art facility complete with a cafe and large amounts of free parking in the perfect location of Mid Wales; suitable for all local clubs and events in addition to national tournaments and competitions. For more information on pricing and the booking availability of our sports hall please visit reception or call 01938 555952 or email!