February 22 2018

Myride has now come to The Flash.

What does my ride offer.

Myride Coach® - A class with a virtual instructor to guide you through your workout. Perfect for all levels of difficulty this style of class is for people who prefer an instructor who is on the screen the whole time to coach and motivate you to focus on having a great fitness ride.

Myride World Tour® - Is a stunning real world with locations on the screen and the help of a virtual coach to help you get the most from your ride.


Do I need to book a MyRide class?
You will need to book to get your space in the my ride class. To book your class go online or ask reception.

How do I get started on MyRide? 
Each class includes 5 minutes of bike set up and instruction to ensure you are set up safely and correctly. Each class is different so all you need to do is walk in and find a bike.

What should I wear and bring to a MyRide class?
Please wear appropriate clothing for cycling; you must bring a sweat towel; bring a drink in a sports bottle. Water bottles are available to purchase at reception.

How much does a MyRide class cost?
MyRide classes are included in all standard membership options. Additional charges apply to all other categories of user.