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July 23 2018

Let us help you work out smarter

Our functional movement screening analysis can help identify faulty movement patterns that are built up by habit or injury over time. We are then able to help you rectify this issues for a more efiicient injury free workout.

Andy Colesby is trained in Functional Movement Screening and has been working with member Adam Knight. This is what Adam had to say about his experiences.

"For years I have had shoulder issues that left me unable to do most overhead tricep exercises with challenging weights as my shoulders felt extremely unstable in an overhead position, Particularly with elbow flexion. Other exercises that caused issues for me is the bench press and its variants. I have never felt safe in my shoulder position and whenever the weight became challenging I could feel my shoulders coming forwards and taking a lot of the load, an issue which has caused me shoulder pain and impingement in the past.

Essentially, I had years of bad posture and muscle imbalance in my shoulders that meant many exercises felt extremely unnatural, even painful at times. My shoulder issues peaked around 6 weeks ago when I strained my shoulder in such a way that simply pressing a 20kg barbell caused pain. It was affecting other aspects of my life as well, as I lift heavy deliveries at work and even some simple households tasks caused pain.

I eventually asked Andy for some advice on my shoulder and he booked me in for a Functional Movement Screening session. After running through some motions and stretches to determine my flexibility and other factors in shouder health Andy decided that it was a stability and imbalance issue that would be best solved through working with  kettlebells.

Having focused on heavy weight and strength during most of my gym sessions I was surprised to find such a challenging workout with a 8kg and a 20kg kettlebell. In the session Andy took me through some kettlebell movements and holds that taught me how to press and pull in a way which taught me to use posture correcting technique throughout, as well as creating a safer foundation for heavy compound movements through shoulder packing. I left that session feeling instantly improved, my shoulder was feeling less impinged and I felt that my posture was better than it had ever been and through consistently incorporating Andy's kettlebell workout into my own I have been able to maintain the improvement. Additionnally since I only went to Andy to help me through the shoulder strain, I was surprised to find that for the first time ever I can now do heavy overhead tricep movements without feeling like I am going to dislocate my shoulders as there is now sufficient stability. My bench press also feels much safer and I no longer worry about my shoulders rounding forward and causing impingement."

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