Functional Movement Screening (FMS).

September 27 2017

I was sceptical about FMS initially, but after being tested and working on the highlighted issues my marathon running style has improved immeasurably


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The Functional Movement screen assesses seven basic movement patterns to identify tightness and weakness in the body so you can correct them before they cause major problems.

As babies, we enter the world limber and symmetrical. But over time we develop muscle imbalances and asymmetries, which can make us less efficient. For example if a car has a flat tyre, you can still drive it pretty fast however that tire uses up extra energy and will eventually distort the alignment of the car.

The FMS is designed to ferret out any inefficiencies. If any of the seven movements tested is mechanically unsound, this indicates you have asymmetries or limitations somewhere.

As no one moves perfectly, anyone can benefit from being screened. Then you can put the results to work, retraining your faulty movement patterns and keep yourself moving like a well oiled machine.

Falaise are now offering this screening free on a Premier membership with their FMS qualified instructor Andy Colesby. Screening takes approx half an hour, just contact reception to book in your slot.

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