Enter our November competition today

November 8 2017

I love earning the badges when I achieve key milestones in my fitness!


State of the art software designed to personalise your fitness experience.

The cardiovascular equipment at Falaise features interactive technology to help users set goals and track their progress.

Through a combination of our touchscreen equipped fitness equipment, a mobile app (available to download on a smart phone) and a website all connected via cloud, Preva makes it easy for all members to enhance their workout experience without it being distracting.

With one simple swipe, users are able to gain access to comprehensive fitness goals, log activities and track results in real time. To learn more watch this video

Anyone can set up their personal Preva account to log their sessions but the Preva tags make the process simple with one quick swipe. We have a limited amount available to members or can be purchased for just £3.

November competition

For your chance to win a free one-to-one personal training session with our fitness manager we want you to travel as far as you can in the month of November. Run, cycle or cross train you way to the miles. Anyone can enter as long as they open a Preva account and then your miles will automatically be collated on to your account from the machines. At the end of the month whoever has covered the most distance will win a PT session.

Good luck and get exercising!