Swimming FAQ's

helpful info on our new swim sessions!

September 28 2020

We are delighted to announce the re-opening of our swimming facilities in line with government and Swim England guidance under our “new normal” operating procedures with the necessary social distancing and hygiene measures in place to provide you with a safe, clean and comfortable environment to use.

We've put some FAQs together for you to make a visit to de Stafford Sports Centre more enjoyable:

When does the pool reopen?

Monday 12th April.  Visit our timetables to see what sessions are available and at what time.

What sessions are open?

  • Lane Swimming (over 14 years only and you can swim 4 lengths)
  • Swim Ability
  • Family Bubble Swim Sessions
  • Swimming Lessons

Which members can book these sessions?

All Swim & Premier memberships, Health Membership and current '3 months for £99' members. These sessions are also available for non-members & centre members.

What is a Family Bubble Swim Session?

Swim sessions for families up to 6 people, all from the same household please. These are not available online to book, payment to be made upon booking with reception (telephone or in person). You can book multiple people under one booking although make sure they are in line with the payments (Family Ticket 2 adults 2 children etc.) as you may need to book on the additional persons outside the ticketing amount.

A reminder of our Pool Admission Ratios – Please click here for details

Am I required to book for all sessions?

Yes please – Members can book lane swimming online via our website - https://bit.ly/39TXBS7  All members new to booking online will need to create an account. Bookings can also be made via telephone or by visiting the centre. Family Bubble Swim Sessions must be booked via telephone or visiting the centre only.

Paying customers – Payment must be made upon booking. Non-refundable.

How long are the sessions?

This will vary day to day, some are 45 minute sessions and some are 60 minute sessions.

How far in advance can I book?

  • Swim & Premier Members – 7 days, either in centre or online
  • Health Members – 5 days, either in centre or online
  • Group Exercise – 5 days, in centre with payment
  • Centre – 5 days, in centre with payment

Are there any new proceedures in place for when I return to swimming? 

YES! Please have a good read of the below before coming to your session:

Before Swim Sessions:

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your pre-booked swim session.
  • Arrive ‘Beach Ready’
  • Check in with reception to register your attendance and use the hand santiser provided.
  • Scan in Test and Trace
  • All users must shower before entering the pool – not all showers will be in use due to social distancing.

After Swim Sessions:

  • Cubicles will be available however we ask that there is a quick change and to leave the changing area as soon as possible.
  • The changing rooms and poolside seating will be cleaned in between sessions.
  • Please follow the directional signs out of the building.

Call us now on (01883) 716717 (choose option 2) to book!