Easter Holiday Activities

March 7 2018

We have a whole programme of Easter holiday activities at de Stafford Sports Centre between Tuesday April 3 – Friday 13 April 2018.


Rookie Lifeguard

Tuesday 3 – Friday 6 April 9:00 - 10am

During this weeks course you will learn special lifesaving skills to help you save yourself and know what to do if others get into difficulty in the water. This is a fun and informative course for children aged 8years+. (pupils need to be competent swimmers)

Member £24 / Non member £26

Need: Long Sleeve T shirt and Long trousers (like pyjamas on top of swim wear).

Swim courses

swimming crash courses for 5yrs +

Tuesday 3- Friday 6 April, Monday 9 April – Friday 13 April


This class is for children aged 5 years and over . The crash course will introduce and improve upon their swimming strokes. Pupils will also learn new water skills such as floating, underwater swimming which will improve their water confidence. Child must be able to stand in water 0.9m deep.


Tuesday 3- Friday 6 April Member £20.80/Non member £24

Monday 9 April – Friday 13 April Member £26/Non member £30



This class is aimed at children aged 5 years and over and who can swim 10 metres using front crawl and back crawl. During the week pupils will be encouraged to improve their swimming strokes and breathing techniques.

Pupils will learn new water skills such as sitting dives, floating and under water swimming.


Tuesday 3- Friday 6 April Member £20.80 / Non member £24

Monday 9 April – Friday 13 April Member £26 / Non member £30

Dash for Kids

DASH for 5-12 yrs

Tuesday 3 April, Wednesday 4, Thursday 5 April, Friday 6 April, Monday 9 April, Tuesday 10 April, Wednesday 11 April, Thursday 12 April, Friday 13 April

From 8.30am to 6pm our day camps provide a great way to make friends, keep fit and above all enjoy themselves. 

Our Dash team are ready to entertain your children and safely lead them through a selection of fun packed activities which can include swimming, football, cricket, tennis, badminton, team games, bouncy castle and arts and crafts. Each activity is supervised by our friendly staff – many of whom have been returning to Dash term after term. We at Dash strive to offer different opportunity’s to children, involving them in craft activities and sporting activities. On Tuesday 10th April Cage Cricket will be joining Dash to give you a taster of this re invented game.

Full Day (8.30am - 5pm) Member £23 / Non member £26.45

Half Day (8.30am -1pm) Member £11.50 / Non member £13.20

Extra hour (5-6pm) member £2.50/Non member £3.00

Need: Please bring a mid-morning snack, drink, lunch & afternoon snack 


Badminton 9-14 years old

Sunday 8 and Sunday 15 April 11-12:30pm

Join James from Fletchers Feathers to take you through the game of Badminton. You will start with a warm up followed by coaching drills on different aspects of Badminton to help you improve. For the remaining time we will play a variety of fun games and also take part in mini challenges. 

Join these two sessions in preparation for the Surrey Youth Games Badminton trials!

Member £6/£Non Member £7 per session

Need:  A drink and lots of energy!


Basketball 10-16 years old

Saturday 7 April and Saturday 14 April 9- 10am

This is the perfect personal development session for children with a passion for basketball. Whether beginner or advanced, they have the opportunity to become a member of Tandridge Titans Basketball Team and play games against other teams and schools.

Member £4 / Non member £4.50 per session

Need: A drink


TRAMPOLINING for 3-10 yrs

Thursday 5 April, 10-11am & 11-12pm, Thursday 12 April 10-11am & 11-12pm

Bouncing back! Trampolining sessions for children. Our experienced coach will instruct the children through a series of moves building stamina and confidence creating high flyers!

Member £7 / Non member £8 per session

Need: A drink and please wear socks for bouncing in.

martial arts

Martial Arts

Judo 5 - 16 years old

Monday 9 April, 11am - 12.30pm

This session will start with break fall training, so you can fall safely when thrown. You will then learn groundwork (hold downs & turn overs), before moving onto standing (throws/grappling). The session will end with some light 'randori'(sparring)

Member £7 / Non member £8.50

Need: comfy clothing and a drink


Jujitsu 5 - 16 years old

Wednesday 4 April, 11am - 12.30pm

The session will start with break fall training, so everyone can fall safely when thrown. We will then do some basic striking training (blocks/punches, kicks) before using punch bags/pads. The focus of the session will be self defence with simple, but effective, self defence techniques.

Member £7 / Non member £8.50

Need: comfy clothing and a drink

To Find Out More or Book
contact us for more information or call 01883 716717

Terms & Conditions

Full payment is required at time of booking

We are unable to offer a refund for sessions that are missed or cancelled by attendees but these can be transferred to a third party

A single medical consent form must be completed for each child participating in any activity and returned to Reception prior to the activity start

A parent/guardian must be present at all swimming activities for children under eight.

We reserve the right to cancel sessions and endeavour to give a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to the attendee.