a 21st century sports surface for brecon leisure centre

January 9 2018

We are excited to announce the new sports hall floor has been completed, along with new posts and fittings, giving us an improved facility, suitable for all indoor sports at all levels.

Our 20 year old sports vinyl surface has served the centre well but it was time for a change.


Having looked at various options for a completely new sports surface that would fulfil the following criteria, be a multi-use floor and durable, we chose a seamless Polyurethane 7 + 2 system in 2 colours which complies with the EN 14904 standard for sports floors.

The work was carried out by Rec-Coatings Ltd and started with the uplift of the old vinyl sports surface, which revealed the sub floor was in good condition, this was followed by the area being screeded.

After the sub floor had been prepared, the new polyurethane floor was then installed and line marked.  The new lines installed were badminton, netball, basketball, volleyball and tennis, in colours to suit Welsh Badminton and Welsh Netball.

The final stage of the installation was to install sockets for the game posts.  The floor was core-drilled and installed with Continental Sports Badminton World Federation approved sockets along with fixings for tennis and volleyball.

The project was finished with door thresholds, altogether giving the floor a brand new lease of life.


We now have a fantastic facility in the perfect location suitable for all local clubs and events, and for national tournaments and competitions too.

Being in such a central position in mid Wales, with ample parking and catering facilities too, we can cater for all types of events.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements further. We look forward to hearing from you.

Take a look at the hall through the stages below....