lane swimming and general guidance

April 30 2021

We've been working hard to make sure the safety of our customers and staff is our number one focus. We will be following our 'COVID-safety-matters' guidelines and maintaining social distancing within the centre and having a robust and thorough cleaning regime in place to ensure all our customers have the best environment to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing.

Lane Swimming Sessions and general guidance

Following a review of the numbers attending our swim sessions and in order to offer our customers greater flexibility, you no longer need to book in advance for lane swimming sessions, apart from the early morning sessions. 

By having more flexible hours available we believe this will mean less people entering the pool at once and will make social distancing easier.

Pre-booking is only required for the early morning, Monday to Friday 7.00-8.00am sessions.

You no longer need to pre-book for other lane swimming sessions as our numbers have not reached capacity since opening and we are confident that this will continue to be the case.  We will of course continue to monitor the numbers.

  • On arrival please use the NHS Track and Trace app to scan the QR code in reception. We still need to also book you in at reception, so please make sure you bring your membership card with you.
  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes earlier than the start of each advertised swim session.
  • Please come 'Swim ready’, with swim wear worn under clothing.
  • Showers and changing rooms are available, but we ask all users to minimise their time spent in the changing rooms and showers.
  • We have 1 slow lane, 1 medium lane and 1 fast lane. These are wide lanes with a maximum of 10 people per lane. Please select the lane that best suits you, our lifeguards may ask you to swap if you would be better suited to a different lane.
  • There should be no overtaking, no backstroke and no stopping at the end of the lane, unless you have to in order to get your breath back. If this is the case, then you should face away from the pool or get out and rest on the side.
  • Social distancing must be adhered at all times, including in the pool.
  • The changing rooms, toilets and poolside and touch points will be cleaned on a regular basis and we will ensure the centre remains to be a safe and friendly environment for all.

For details of our pool sessions view our timetable here