Bring a friend for free to aquafit

February 14 2018
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You know the benefits of aquafit but does your friend?

Aquafit is a water based aerobics class that gives you an all over body workout. Because your body is supported in the water there is less liklihood of injury and the resistance of the water works to tone the different muscle groups. Expect to burn up to 300 calories and significantly increase your heart rate per class.

Until the end of March you can bring a friend for free to try out a Tuesday or Thursday evening aquafit class 8.15-9.00pm* So if you already enjoy aquafit then bring a friend along to enjoy the benefits with you or if you and a friend want to try something new, it's always easier with someone along side you.

*One person admitted free with every premier or non member, offer must be quoted at the time of admission.