Your VIBE determines your TRIBE

get involved in a class and find your TRIBE

September 7 2017

your vibe determines your tribe

  • Whether you are a know all the moves-er or a same class same time next week-er - we salute you!
  • To the "I have my favourite teacher" chanters, the grunter and groaners, and the "I never miss a class" preachers - we salute you!
  • Whether it's Spin, HIIT, Pump, Combat, Zumba or Yoga -  we salute you!

Whatever your tribe, we have classes for you!

Embrace the benefits of group fitness by meeting new people and break the monotomy of your workout with constantly refreshed and challenging workouts.

Freedom Leisure Group Exercise classes meet the diverse fitness needs of people at all levels. Choose from International Les MillsTM classes, or particpate in workouts designed by our instructors catering to varying needs of our customers.


Group exercise classes are more than the loud music, fast movements and shouts of encouragement that are seen and heard in a fitness studio. Classes offer social opportunities as well as physical benefits and psychological support.

class of the week

Myride is a unique virtual indoor cycling experience which allows you to cycle some of the most iconic routes in the world. All rides include a virtual instructor who will work and guide you every pedal. With over 75 classes to choose from, come and experience Myride indoor cycling yourself at Bexhill Leisure Centre.

You should never be bored with the variety of exercise choices at Bexhill Leisure Centre From LBT and step aerobics to boot camps and indoor cycling, your fitness instructor will challenge and improve your bod.

So what are you waiting for? Try something new and contact us to find out more about any of our classes and find your TRIBE!

contact us for more information or call 01424 731171