The new spin bikes have arrived

March 7 2018

Come and experience our new spin bikes for yourself

We are pleased to announce an investment of around £25,000 on 20 brand new IC6 spin bikes at Bexhill Leisure Centre. These bikes will personalise your workout like never before using advanced digital engineering. The wattrate® power meter is able to display the users efforts in watts to a high accuarcy.

By taking a simple 5 minute test using the coach by colour® system you will be able to work out your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). This measures a users fitness and establishes their coloured training zones. Your FTP may be totally different to someone sitting next to you, however you will both be training in the same coloured zone working to your own fitness levels. You can retake the test at any time and measure your fitness improving.

These bikes are brand new, with advanced ergo formed handlebars, a more comfortable unisex saddle and an easier to access resistance control with the resistance clearly displayed. Have a look at all the bike's features here.

Ask at the centre now about taking your coach by colour® test so you are able to accuartely workout. Don't worry if you haven't taken the test as you are still able to participate in a class.


contact us for more information or call 01424 731171