Ignite classes

February 13 2017

I try and do 2 Ignite classes a week in addition to my own work outs. I like the fact the gym instructors are there to correct technique and advise.


Join us for a different type of work out.

Ignite classes are small group intense workouts of no more than 30 minutes. They are great if you are limited on time or if you prefer to workout under the guidance of a gym instructor.

Monday 10.15-10.45am Weights with Alex & 5.30-6.00pm HIIT with Mark

Tuesday 10.15-10.45am Weights with Alex & 5.30-6.00pm Ab Blast with Lewis

Wednesday 5.30-6.00pm Stretch with Lewis

Thursday 10.15-10.45am HIIT with Lewis & 5.30-6pm Ab Blast with Alex

Friday 10.15-10.45am TRX with Lewis

Saturday 10.15-10.45am Ab Blast with Mark

Sunday 10.15-10.45am Stretch with Mark

Ignite classes are free on a Premier membership.