Why sticking with your child’s lessons until at least Stage 7 is so important.

October 2 2021

Why sticking with your child’s lessons until at least Stage 7 is so important.  

Here at Arun Leisure Centre we follow the world-leading Swim England Learn to Swim Programme to teach your child to swim. Swim England have recently launched a campaign to highlight what a competent swimmer actually looks like –four things that you should make sure your child can do before stopping swimming lessons.  

The four competencies are: 

  1. ‘Float to live’ (perform a star float for at least 30 seconds)  
  1. Tread water for 30 seconds 
  1. Experience swimming in clothing 
  1. Swim 100 metres without stopping 

Your child will achieve these as part of their lessons programme by the time they reach Learn to Swim Stage 7. 

Ask our teachers for advice before taking your child out of lessons 

Nearly 90% of parents tell Swim England that they want their child to learn to swim to ensure that they are able to rescue themselves if they were to get into trouble. The problem isn’t when children start swimming lessons, it’s when they are taken out of lessons. Often this is before the child is a competent swimmer. 

What we can offer after Stage 7....

We offer Rookie Lifeguard Bronze, Silver & Gold. For more information on whats included in these sessions contact the swim team 01243 826 612 ( Option 3)

Not enrolled on our Learn to Swim Program? Register your interest today https://www.freedom-leisure.co.uk/swim-lessons/