What to expect from swimming

July 24 2020

What to expect from Swimming

This will be strictly lane swimming for adults and young people aged over 16. (We are currently planning some family and junior sessions, and hope to introduce these in early to mid-August)

The information below lays out what to expect when you come in swimming, as you will see things will need to be quite different than before, this is to ensure we keep all our staff and customers safe.

  • Swimming will be available in 45minute bookable slots, Please see pool timetable on our website for times click here.
  • You will need to book a swimming slot, this can be done via our website. To book online click here or call us on 01243 826612 from Saturday 25th
  • Members can book upto 5 days in advance. Non-members can book 1 day in advance
  • We need to ensure we have names and contact details for all customers to ensure we abide by government guidance.
  • Please do not arrive early for your swim, 5 minutes prior will be great. If you are running late that’s fine, however the session will finish on time and you will not be allowed to run over.
  • Access to the centre will be via reception as before, however there will be social distancing measures in place when queuing to come in. We will have one receptionist and you will need to check in with them. We are currently taking card or contactless payments only.
  • You will need to come ‘Swim ready’ you will access poolside via the café which will take you straight onto poolside. On Poolside there will be boxes marked out where you will remove your outer clothing and leave your belongings (Lockers are not available so please bring as little as you can)
  • Before your swim you will need to take a pre-swim shower in the family shower area
  • We will have 1 slow lane, 2 medium lanes and a fast lane. These will all be wide lanes with a maximum of 10 people per lane. We will need you to select the lane that best suits you, our lifeguards may ask you to swap if you would be better suited to a different lane.
  • There should be no overtaking. No stopping at the end of the lane, unless you have to in order to get your breath back. If this is the case, then you should face away from the pool or get out and rest on the side.
  • We will not be able to provide any floats or pool aids
  • At the end of the session the lifeguard will blow a whistle to signal the end. If you finish before the end of the session that’s fine, you can collect you belongs and go to get changed as below
  • All participants must then vacate the pool, collect their belongings and go to the changing rooms to dry off and get dressed. There will be no showers, you will need to dry of, get changed and then leave via the normal route to reception, and leave via the signal door next to the main entrance there will be
  • The changing room cubicles can be used in both the male and female changing rooms, there will also be boxes marked on the floors for customers to stand in to change.

The changing rooms, toilets and poolside will be cleaned in between sessions ready for the next group to come in.

Thank you for your co-operation

For more information or to book, please call reception on 01243 826 612
contact us for more information or call 01243 826612