Swimming lessons update

August 13 2020

Please wear a face covering when moving around the centre

Thank you for your co-operation

Swim Schools lessons


Stages 2 – 7 will all be taking place in the main pool, and will have the both pools exclusively for swimming lessons. We will be following the guidance passed down to us from Swim England which means teachers will remain teaching the same stage group for the whole day, there will be no teachers in the pools and we will have cleaning measures in place between each group. For those stage 2 children who may need some extra support we will have some floatation discs available for them to use. (These will be cleaned between each lesson)

Below are the changes that have been put in place to ensure we can operate the learn to swim programme safely

Thank you for you cooperation and support.

Arriving for your swimming lesson

  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your swimming lesson as this helps reduce the number of people in the building at one time.
  • Please try and get your child to use the toilet before they come to their swimming lesson
  • You should bring your child swim ready, meaning they have their swimming costume under their outer clothing
  • For the first 2 weeks we will have staff outside to check you in, this is to avoid queues inside the reception foyer
  • Once checked off the register, you will walk through reception, through the ‘way out’ turnstile and head through the single door which takes you into the pool hall. You then walk down the ramp to poolside.

When you get to poolside

  • We have marked out sections on poolside, you must take your child to one of these marked areas. Ideally one parent will bring one child to lessons, however if you do need to bring a sibling then they will need to be kept with you at all times.
  • You should then undress your child and remove their outer clothing.
  • They can then go to the class, you will have been told at when you signed in outside which teacher your child will have and where in the pool its taking place. Parents must not take their child to the teacher

During the lesson

  • Parents and siblings will need to remain in their designated area with their child’s clothing for the duration of the lesson.
  • You can have sports bottle with a drink in on poolside but you should not have any other food or drinks
  • Please ensure that siblings do not leave the designated area at any time during the lesson

When the lesson finishes

  • At the end of the lesson, your child will back round to you.
  • The preference is for you to quickly dry your child on poolside and get them dressed in something simple like a onesie or tracksuit bottoms and a top. Once dressed you should then exit poolside via the changing rooms and head towards reception
  • If you wish to use the changing rooms to change your child you can. However, there will be no showers and parents will need to wear a mask whilst doing this.

Exiting the centre

  • Once out of the changing rooms, please head straight to reception and out through the exit turnstile and leave the centre by the single door as signposted.

Other information

  • There are no lockers currently available.
  • You won’t be able to talk to the teacher before or after the lesson, enquiries should be emailed to arunlc@freedom-leisure.co.uk and marked for the attention of Carolynn.
  • Please do not stop in the area where the hair dryers are as these are currently not in use and we need to ensure a good flow of ‘traffic’
  • The café is open to purchase drinks and snacks from after the lessons, and we have a limited number of tables available to sit at


New times for after school swimming lessons  

Having reviewed the swimming lesson program we have taken the decision to amend the times slightly to enable us to fill more of the spaces we have available.

From 26th September lesson times will be as follows: 

3.45 – 4.15pm (Previously 3.30 – 4.00pm)

4.25 – 4.55pm (Previously 4.15 – 4.45pm)

5.05 – 5.35pm (Previously 5.00 – 5.30pm)

5.45 – 6.15pm (Same as before)

 All other safety measures remain the same.