Removal of Blue Shoes on poolside

January 16 2020

Due to the impact of plastic on the environment, Freedom Leisure are taking a proactive approach by removing the use of pool overshoes from our centres. We estimate that over 300,000 overshoes are disposed of within our centres each year. This is not something we are prepared to have on our conscience.

Plastic items can take up to 500 years to decompose so we need to act now. We hope that all of our customers will be supportive of this change and work with us to ensure minimal impact across the centre.

What does this mean in your centre? Customers – where practical, we are asking all customers to remove outdoor footwear prior to entering the wet changing and poolside areas.

Footwear can be stored in locations provided such as storage racks or lockers. Where it is not practical, we ask all customers to ensure footwear is as clean as possible prior to entering the area. We would recommend the wearing of flip flops in the wet change and poolside areas.

Staff – to ensure staff can carry out their roles, they may need to wear footwear in the wet changing areas. All staff have been asked to ensure footwear is clean prior to commencing work and where practical, footwear used in wet areas is worn inside only.

Contractors – it will be necessary for some contractors to wear their normal footwear in the wet change areas. We will take all reasonable measures to ensure that access via the wet change is only used when absolutely necessary and if essential, we will ask contractors to clean their shoes prior to entering the area.

By removing overshoes we appreciate that this may create some additional cleaning issues and as a result we will be implementing more regular checks and cleaning of the wet changing facilities to ensure we maintain the high standards that we all expect.

Thank you for your co-operation